[Movie Review] Terminator: Genisys


In 1997 the world as we know it  ended in a fiery  holocaust, the machines took over and Judgement Day was upon us. From there on there is nothing but the war and the fight for survival with the last pockets of humanity struggling to survive.  The leader of the resistance has always been John Connor.

When the resistance must take a final stand against Skynet John Connor (Jason Clarke)  must send Kyle Reece ( Jai Courtney)  back in time to protect Sarah Connor (Emila Clarke) , his mother. Skynet plans to lead a battle in both the future and the past wiping out Sarah and therefore making sure John is never born.

When Kyle Reece gets to the past however all is not what it seems. He is expecting a meek mild Sarah to protect that is as yet unaware of the dangers she faces as the future mother of the savior of the world.

Unbeknownst to Kyle, Sarah has a heads up as she has her own Guardian ( Arnold Schwarzenegger)  a T- 800 (101)  that has been protecting her since she was nine years old from another failed Skynet attempt to erase her from history. She affectionately calls him ” Pops”.  The three must battle against T-1000 models to get to destroy Skynet once and for all and stop Judgement Day from ever happening.

They travel to 2017 using a time machine where John Conner awaits them. Having been ambushed by Skynet and turned into an evil terminator- human hybrid, John Connor is now on Skynets’ side and thwarts all attempts to stop Judgement Day from ever  happening.


The fifth movie in the series Terminator: Genisys has almost entire new cast with the exception of Schwarzenegger. It would not be a Terminator movie without him, simply put. As he has been playing the role now for over 30 years and the script is well written to accommodate this for him. It is a role that he has done justice to over the decades and will be his film legacy.

Newcomers to the franchise Emila Clarke and Jai Courtney fit in rather well, and the diminutive Clarke will attract Game of Thrones fans longing to see her in a different role to Khaleesi that has made her popular of late.  Jason Clarke as John Connor is a somewhat poor choice as at times his acting  is a little wooden and comes off somewhat creepy; the scarring on his faces simply not believable adding to that. The Australian actor has been exceptional in other roles ( such as Lawless with Tom Hardy) but playing the villain just is not a good choice.

Fans of the franchise will be enamored by the visual effects as they are taken to a whole new level and are really quite spectacular. Jaw dropping stunts and visual effects a plenty will keep viewers entertained. Little nods to the original 1984 film appear quite frequently as Reece returns to the past. Dialogue and scenes from the original movie are cleverly written in as Reece returns to protect Sarah. At first it seems like a re-make but as the plot unfolds it is rather smartly done and fans of the original will be able to pick up on the script subtleties. The odd pun and tongue in cheek one liner is thrown in here are there for light comic relief which works rather well.


With two more movies in the works to be released over the coming few years it will be interesting to see how the story evolves. For new fans and old fans alike it certainly is an action packed futuristic film that will leave viewers pleasantly satisfied.


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