[ Review] Country Song Media Launch

country song launch (5 of 24)Country Song Launch , Lefty’s Bar

June 30

Gathered together in the dimly lit bar tucked away on Brisbane’s Caxton Street, Lefty’s Bar tonight is playing host to the cast of the soon to be released play Country Song.

The play centers around Jimmy Little and Indigenous musician that has a career spanning six decades and was a country and gospel singer that was largely influenced by Nat King Cole.  In the 70s Jimmy Little was the poster boy for Indigenous artist and eventually went on to be awarded an Order of Australia medal for his services to the entertainment industry.

Country Song is a fictitious play imagined by actor and musician  Michael Tuahine    and written by Reg Cribb  originally inspired by the Johnny Cash movie ‘ Walk the Line’. It is 1973 and Jimmy Little is about to sing at the Sydney Opera House at an audience for Queen Elizabeth II, but for Jimmy the song won’t come.  Jimmy is whisked back to a road trip in his past; his story intertwining with those of his music contemporaries.  The production is inspired by the lives of singers like Wilma Reading, Auriel Andrew, Bobby McLeod, Vic Simms, Roger Konx and Lionel Rose.

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A tapestry of Jimmy’s best known music features throughout the play, the world premier to be held at Brisbane’s QPAC, celebrating the healing power of music.

This evening at Lefty’s the cast proudly introduce us to the characters they will be playing and sample some of the music that will feature in the show. Most of the actors have a personal affinity with the real people they are playing so it should make for some exceptional acting.

Bradley McCaw, David Page, Elaine Crombie, Megan Sarmardin, Michael Tuahine and Tibian Wyles will star in the play opening at QPAC on the 4th of July and running until the 4th of August.

Tickets are available online at http://www.queenslandtheatre.com.au


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