[ Event] Brisbane’s Story Bridge Turns 75

storey bridge festival (1 of 18)Story Bridge 75

Sunday July 5:

Over the last 75 years she has had millions of cars drive over her every day, she has hosted fireworks, been the jewel in the crown of the River Fire Celebrations and she even changed her lights to show support for the LGBT community by going rainbow. She’s seen floods, droughts, changes to the city sky scape and has remained a sturdy icon throughout.

Completed in 1940 during the Great Depression and  Australia’s longest cantilever bridge at almost 800 meters she ranks as the 26th longest cantilever bridge in the world.

Today she saw thousands of proud Brisbane locals revel in the celebration of her 75 years by closing off to vehicle traffic and throwing the biggest birthday party since her 50th in the 90s. Food vendors from the Eat Street Markets lined the bridge whilst groups of color coded lanyard wearing members of the public happily gorged on food from all over the globe. There was Mexican, American, Malaysian, Thai and Brisbane favorites The Doughnut Bar.

Teen sensation Short Stack entertained the masses during every session playing live the new single ‘Amy’ for the party goers. Having flown in from Newcastle fresh from a gig the boys were clearly enjoying the warm winter sun. Happy to play to each set of  lanyard holders the boys got plenty of publicity for the new single and a few screaming girls as well.

With the event organized into colored lanyard time slots of just ninety minuets per color ticket holders had to hustle to get in and get a bite. Foot traffic was slowed to a shuffle as people stopped to take the obligatory selfies for bragging rights no doubt. A selfie lane for those people would have been helpful to the rest of the crowd more interested in eating than social media.  Whilst there was a party atmosphere at times the sheer number of people was quite over whelming and many people turned back less than half way. Most people were patient and happy to enjoy the winter sunshine. 

Event staff were exceptional at making sure time slots were adhered to and that everyone got a chance to walk the bridge. The event so popular that it ended up being extended and extra half an hour to allow people to enjoy the food just a little longer. Sadly the popular Doughnut Bar was under prepared and had run out and shut up shop long before then, leaving it to the already popular cronuts to satisfy people’s sweet cravings.

storey bridge festival (3 of 18)

As the sun slowly descended on Brisbane’s Story Bridge thousands turned out for a once in a lifetime chance to walk the bridge, enjoy a drink or two and celebrate one of Brisbane’s best known icons on turning a whopping 75 years old. May she be around another 75 years to see many more changes in the city that loves her.


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