[ Movie Review] Paper Towns

Paper-Towns-QuadFriendships don’t always last forever but sometimes childhood dreams carry on into later life that eventually shape our futures and change the way we think about what we thought we knew.

Margot ( Cara Delevingnein her on-screen debut) and Quentin  ” Q” Jacobsen ( Nat Wolff)  grew up together in small town Florida riding bikes and having normal childhood adventures. As the years pass they grow apart until one late night adventure brings them back together.  It is a night where she forces him out of his comfort zone to do wild and crazy things the normally straight-laced Quintin would never dream of doing and it leaves him breathless.

Hoping to pick up the friendship that was a large part of his childhood, Quentin is disappointed to discover that after the late night rendezvous Margot has suddenly disappeared. He goes in search of her with a series of clues that she inadvertently leaves for him to figure out, a paper trail so to speak.

He manages to rope in his two best friends Ben ( Austin Abrams) and Radar( Justice Smith) along with Radar’s girlfriend Angela ( Jaz Sinclair) and Margot’s best friend Lacey ( Halston Sage) for a road trip to find the missing Margot and embark on one last trip as best friends before they all leave for college.


It is a sweet coming of age story about a boy who holds on to the past and a girl who wants to leave the paper town that restricts her. A free spirit and a young man with his whole life planned out for him that are polar opposites yet some how he loves her. He thinks that by stepping outside his comfort zone to go and find her he may just find the happiness that eludes him.

Whilst it is a fairly feel good coming of age movie with a gentle message it never quite hits full throttle .It’s soft and has funny moments but when Quintin finally finds Margot there is no great moment of love exploding, just a simple slow let down. Perhaps the message is not to find love, but that we must find ourselves.

In her on-screen debut Cara Delevingne is some what acceptable, however she shares little screen time with the rest of the cast and it is only a small part even though the movie centers around her. Wolfe plays the somewhat awkward Quentin with authenticity and a genuine believability.

Whilst the movie is quite enjoyable it’s not quite as heart wrenching as The Fault in Our Stars by the same author. It touches on similar themes of young love and that sometimes things just don’t work out the way we hope. It’s a pleasant enough coming of age movie with some nice soft messages that will leave you feeling warm and it wraps up nicely in a little bow at the ending.


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