[Movie Review] Magic Mike XXL


In 2012 Magic Mike became one of the most successful films about men that was for women. Millions of women the rushed to cinemas,  guiltless to watch Channing Tatum and company as they gyrated and thrusted their way into female fantasies the world over. It was a first, a movie made purely for the enjoyment of women. And it was a smash hit.

Fast forward a few years and we see Mike ( Channing Tatum) , making honest money as a furniture designer. Newly single, heart-broken and alone he sinks his time into his business. Yet thoughts of dance are never far away.  When he gets a surprise phone call from his old buddies on their way to the Stripper convention it does not take much to convince him to leave it all behind for one last trip down memory lane.

This time though, the group founder and choreographer Dallas is nowhere in sight having taken the show over to Macau and left the boys a little leaderless. In steps Mike to design some new routines and set the stage on fire one last time. It’s up to Tarzan, Big Dick Ritchie, and Tito to make this the final and best show ever.

Traveling in a frozen yogurt van to Florida the boys encounter some amusing adventures along the way, including the addition of a new member Malik ( Steven ” Twitch” Boss). A love interest in the form of Zoe ( Amber Heard)  also crops up but this is more of a side note and never really develops.


As opposed to the original, in this film we see a lot more story line and comedy than the first and it is some what tongue in cheek. A scene involving Big Dick Ritchie ( Joe Manganiello) in a gas station dance routine is both memorable and hilarious. For the most part it is a little clunky in the story, but that is not what viewers are here to see and it can be overlooked. The characters are a little more developed this time around, fleshing things out. There is still a fair amount of dancing just not as much as the original movie which is a little bit of a let down for dance fans

In dance scenes that do appear Tatum is visually spectacular to watch, his form and technique as a dancer is flawless. With the addition of dancer Twitch the dance routines are taken to a new level and in the final dance scene there is a mirror dance between Boss and Tatum that is a particularity jaw dropping. In an industry that is geared towards men Magic Mike is a phenomenon that is for women to enjoy and there is nothing wrong with that. We all need a little escapism from time to time and Magic Mike XXL is just right for that.


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