[Movie Review] Mission : Impossible Rogue Nation

mission-impossible-rogue-nation-2015-posterAs the iconic music plays, from the first few opening scenes of the new Mission: Impossible movie, Rouge Nation it is clear that it is going to be an edge of the seat nail-biting action movie and one hell of a ride.

Ethan Hunt ( Tom Cruise)  is on the International chase for a terrorist organization composed of Ex-Government agents that have created a virtual Rogue Nation and dubbed it “The Syndicate”.  The Syndicate also want to take down Ethan in a cat – and – mouse game that plays out across the world, using intrigue and expert tactics to outwit and outrun each other.

Following a string of failed missions and some serious collateral damage an incoming CIA chief ( Alec Baldwin) wants to shut down IMF and close down all operations. Calling for Ethan Hunt to surrender, the CIA launch a huge manhunt to bring him in. Not one to come quietly Hunt begins his own mission to hunt down and destroy The Syndicate. Out there country-less he must act alone if he wants to see the end of his arch Nemesis and bring and end to terrorism and chaos.


With the help of IMF team members Benji Dunn ( Simon Pegg), William Brandt           ( Jeremy Renner) and Luther Stickwell (Ving Rhames) it’s a race against time  before more terrorist attacks are unleashed on the world. Along for the ride is British double agent Isla Faust ( Rebecca Ferguson) leading them right to the heart of The Syndicate; the action not letting up for a single moment.

It’s one heck of a roller coaster and the thrilling stunts make it one nail-biting ride. Tom Cruise is comfortably at his best when racing through city streets in high-speed chases and this makes for some great entertainment. Even more impressive is the fact that Cruise performs a lot of the stunts himself and is a highly skilled driver.Simon Pegg as the IT guy able to hack his way into any complex computer system in the world adds a touch of light humor to the movie in all the right places.

The fifth movie in the franchise written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie  proves that it is a very successful series for all the right reasons. Jam packed with action, peppered with the right amount of humor Mission Impossible: Rouge Nation is certainly one that all action lovers will enjoy.



YouTube: https://youtu.be/yOkhed6PW2s


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