[Movie Review] Train Wreck

Trainwreck-UK-release-date-moves-to-mid-AugustEvery girl has that one friend that dates lots of guys, gets drunk more than she should and parties hard. Amy is just that kind of girl and she is what some might call a little bit of a train wreck.

In her lead role debut Amy Schumer plays Amy, a commitment phobic party girl who loves a good mid-week drink and is a successful writer for a trashy men’s magazine. She dates several guys at once and has a devil-may- care attitude. Living life by her rules it seems that Amy is in no rush to settle down and she likes her life just that way.

Until that is Amy meets the slightly awkward Sports Medicine Doctor Aaron Connors ( Bill Hadder) that she finds herself changing her rules and settling into happy couple-dom.  Aaron is smart and easy-going and could be just the kind of guy that the wayward Amy needs to help tame her wild ways once and forever.


With the help of LeBron James ( as himself) the couple begin a whirlwind romance that whilst it makes Amy happy at times it unnerves her and makes her scared of changing who she is and finally setting down. After the two hit a road block it seems that Amy might just not be ready for a real relationship. But like in true Hollywood style, and a funny intervention session from LeBron the two get back on track in time for the final credits.

Whilst the movie starts off rather funny and Shumer’s comedic timing is rather good, the movie is just another formulaic predictable Rom- Com from director Judd Apatow ( The 40-year-old Virgin) that is really not breaking any new ground.  The first half garners a lot of good laughs but when the couple  hit a road block the second act turns rather serious and almost tediously predictable at times. LeBron James is a rather refreshing addition to the movie and his intervention with the hapless Aaron is rather funny.  Ever the chameleon Tilda Swinton appears as the rather acerbic magazine editor Debbie and is rather brilliant with her one lines and caustic personality.


The movie sends the message that single women with no desire to marry and settle are to be feared and not accepted by society.  It seems that all a single woman without a man are not considered successful and therefore dating lots of men makes them somewhat  a train wreck. There are multiple slightly misogynistic jokes aimed at Amy’s promiscuity peppered throughout the dialogue further highlighting the fact that her choice of lifestyle by standards is not acceptable.

It’s the media’s not so subtle way of reminding women that their place in society is to be with  a man. For director Judd Apato and writer Amy Schumer this is just another easy enough to swallow, not so memorable movie.



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