[ Live Review] The Grates

What seems like an entourage of misfits entering the stage call themselves The Grates. Bedecked in black turtle necks and capes the guitarists take their place ready to begin.  Patience Hodgson the lead singer enters dressed in a orange fur cape that looks to be home made, a menagerie of stuffed toys, Kewpie dolls and even a Donald Duck toy. A holographic jumpsuit completes her look with some sparkly platforms.

Gaining almost cult like status and selling out shows The Grates have a reputation for having quirky high energy shows and tonight is not exception as lead singer Patience Hodgson dances around all over the stage. She engages the crowd as much as she can reaching out to grab hands and stage dive. She plays with inflatable beach balls and kangaroos thrown at her and revels in the interaction. It  seems like a big indoor beach party at times and is a lot of fun.

Whilst the songs are not overly memorable and as a lead singer Hodgson’s vocal range is very basic as a performer she manages to make the crowd enjoy themselves. She is a show in herself regardless of the music. The Triffid is the perfect venue for the Brisbane band to host this show and is a nice home coming. The band interact with each other in a unison that gels together well, clearly at home on the stage,

The crowd is sufficiently revved up by the time they play ” Science is Golden” and the energy of the room is very high. As she stage dives time and time again she manages somehow to keep singing as she is passed through the crowd.

Wrapping up the evening with a short encore Hodgson  returns to the stage this time dressed in a cape of grass skirts sewn together somewhat resembling a Rainbow Yeti. She has not let her energy flag for one moment during the evening and she is very memorable to watch.


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