[Live Review] Mrs.Wong’s Boys

This week sees the opening of The Brisbane Fringe Festival with a range of theater, comedy and artistic events happening all over town.

Friday the 15th saw the opening show of some of Brisbane’s up and coming local comics at the Lucky Duck Cafe. Mrs Wong’s Boys brings together Aaron Pratt, Martin Wong, Alex Collins and Ashwin Segkar  a veritable smelting pot of races together in the one show.

mrs wongs boys (27 of 27)

Martin Wong opens the show, the self acclaimed ” Bogan Whisperer” and touches on a range of topics from racial profiling, gay marriage and how names have an impact on how they define us. His delivery is quite good, pauses for effect are all in the right places and he gets quite a few good laughs in. He seems at ease on the stage and a seasoned performer. Jokes about his Caucasian wife are funny, but it is his experience as a pharmacists that garners the most laughs when he demonstrates his unique ability of Bogan Whispering.

mrs wongs boys (19 of 27)

Next on stage is the ” least ethnic” of the group Alex Collins. He tells of how growing up ginger and then going bald has been interesting. He punctuates each of the gags with ” I like that”, quite enamored with his own  jokes but self-deprecating at the same time. His jokes are funny but at times it takes a little longer to get to the punch line. His timing and tone are polished  and he delivers his set confidently. His unusual take on the world is quite amusing and this tends to be the main theme of the set which garners quite a few laughs. The highlight of his set being the bit where he examines the tax advantages of sex industry workers and the tax deductions available. It’s clever and original.

mrs wongs boys (13 of 27)Taking to the stage following Alex Collins is larger than life Aaron Pratt. Hailing from New Zealand Aaron uses his ethnicity and his size as a great lead into his jokes.
He uses typical Kiwi stereo types to his advantage and many fellow Kiwi’s in the audience identify with him as he plays on his accent with ” Aye, Bro and Choice” effectively. His explanation of Crime Stoppers vs Crime Watch is rather funny and making fun of his relatives is clever. His jokes deliver each time and the ability to laugh at both his size and his race is capricious. His shrewd description of traveling in the quiet carriage of the train being the high point of the evening.

mrs wongs boys (5 of 27)

Wrapping up the evening’s entertainment is Ashwin Segkar walking on pretentiously announcing  he is from New Zealand in a witty attempt to steal Aaron’s joke and then one from Alex Collins. Again using his ethnicity to glean jokes it is a different take on his observations on life and being Indian. His jokes are shorter and get to the punch line rather quickly and moving on to the next joke with rapid pace. Finishing off the evenings show he is farcical and  humorous.

With the menagerie of races on stage this evening each comic has drawn of ethnic differences and unique life experiences as the main theme of the evenings show. It works well and the show has been amusing, clever and a great night. Each comic having differences and similarities respectively. A very enjoyable night from Brisbane’s rather eclectic collection of Mrs.Wong’s Boys.


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