[ Live Review] Maroon 5 

maroon 5-21Sitting in the wings waiting to enter the press pit, neon yellow media sticker placed firmly on my chest to identify me as a Photographer, the nervous energy builds in my chest.

Final camera checks are done as the adrenalin pumps through my veins. There is no time for preparation, no chance to survey the area; just get in and shoot and pray that you get it right.

We are escorted just moments before the band are due to take to the stage, nervous banter between us and the security guards. Fans look on with envy as we pass them on our way to the front of the stage. A gap separates us from them giving us just enough room to move.

The lights start to come up, the crowd behind me screaming piercing my ear drums. Adam Levine is here some place but its hard to see him amongst the other band members.

I spot him  with his back to the audience, his slight frame sways and I fire off a few shots. The lights go up and like a tiger he pounces on the microphone as the screams of the crowd engulf the room.

He is like a leopard, pouncing a ball of energy running all over the stage. It makes it difficult to focus. I check my exposures to make sure I am on target. I know the song he is singing ‘ Animals’ and if I could I would take some time to enjoy it but time is of the essence.

He moves around making sure he sings to every possible angle of the room and I duck and weave between security guards and other photographers  all of us vying for that one perfect shot.

The second song sounds and I rush to change lens and capture some wide-angle shots. ‘ One more Night’ belts out and yet I spend the time making sure to get some shots capturing the light display that is happening in front of me. There is still no time to enjoy things, only one more song left after this.

All too soon the next song comes on, a cover of some sort. I have just enough time to glance at the crowd and see that nobody is singing along to this number. I’m not even sure I know it myself. I don’t get much time to really dwell on it as its now my final five minuets or so to capture the last of my shots.

The song ends and the other photographers look at me to confirm our time is up. We head out in single file, past the fans still giving us dirty looks and make our way to the stage exit. A security guard flashes his torch at my chest to confirm I have the correct credentials and lets me pass.

As soon as it had begun my Maroon 5 experience is over.


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