[Live Review] Bec Laughton

bec laughton-17

Taking to the stage in a cute red dress, her curly red locks tied into a pony tail Bec Laughton takes her place in front of the microphone at The Bearded Lady for a brief return to home town Brisbane.

This evening her full band are not with her, there are no back up singers or break dancers to wow the audience, tonight it is just Bec and her voice. Its a refreshing change from all the fan fare and a nice chance to hear her just a little stripped back and raw.

This evening she explains she will be playing a selection of songs that have captured her imagination over the years. Songs that have both shaped her and bought her a lot of joy over the years. Each song is very personal.

She opens with Selah Sue’s ‘ Raggamuffin’ having a little fun with the track and using the stage to dance around, before taking it down a notch to sing Adele’s ‘ Daydreamer’ a song that is hard to cover yet Bec manages to do very well.  She asks for audience participation when singing ‘ Circle of Life’ the theme song from The Lion King and the crowd happily oblige whist she belts out the song with her big voice.

Tonight is a special evening for Bec Laughton, having been away over seas for the last few months working on a secret project. This evening she announces that it will be her last show as Bec Laughton as she is making the big move to New York. One can only hope that this will break Bec into the big time and see more of her on the International stage.

She rounds out the evening with a few originals, not before making the crowd laugh with a rendition of Hanson’s ‘ MMM Bop’ the catchiest song to ever be released and takes a little time to have fun with it.

‘ Jerusalem’ gives her the chance to really sing from the depths of her very soul and as she emotionally connects with the song it is a pleasure to watch her play and lose herself in the moment for just a little while. ‘ Wildly ( Red head) ‘ is a cute number about how Red heads manage to love with a lot of passion and is a really fun song that only Bec can manage to deliver with the fun that it needs.

With Bec Laughton leaving our shores it is a bitter-sweet moment. Brisbane will lose a vocalist with a big heart and even bigger voice as she heads out to make her mark on the world. What ever path Bec Laughton heads down next lets hope that this girl gets her chance to make her mark on the world, so everyone can love her ( and not necessarily Red head style).


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