[ Movie Review] The Intern


As we get older and come into retirement age the question begs what do you do with all that spare time when you are no longer working. Ben Whittaker ( Robert De Niro) spends his days going to the local Starbucks and taking Tai Chi lessons.

When Ben comes across a poster for a company hiring senior interns it is his chance to get out there and give back and more importantly feel needed again. Ben, a sharply dressed old world gentleman that quickly makes friends among the other new comers. When Ben is assigned to assist the company’s founder Jules Ostin ( Anne Hathaway).

It takes some time for the nervous and somewhat highly strung Jules to warm to Ben but with some old-fashioned charm and empathy Ben eventually wins over Jules and becomes indispensable.

The movie covers the central theme that as working women the struggle to juggle career and family life. As her family life begins to unravel Jules attempts to make amends and repair the break down of her relationship with her husband ( played by Anders Holm). The central character that is her husband is a somewhat sappy wishy-washy character that lacks any real substance. His way of dealing with the problem of feeling emasculated whilst Jules becomes more and more successful is to choose infidelity.


Whilst the movie is nice and sweet at times it does tend to tackle some big issues. De Niro is endearing as the soft lovable Ben, however it feels at times as though he is strolling through the role a little on auto pilot. Hathaway seems to be rather adept at playing over the top highly strung characters.  Renee Russo makes an appearance as a love interest massage therapist Fiona is radiant on-screen.

Sometimes in life when we meet people we have no idea how important those people will become to us. As Jules learns invaluable lessons from the wise Ben it is endearing to see her change as a person and become stronger. She proves that in life and love that women really can have it all.


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