[ Live Review] The Australian Voices : Boombox


The Australian Voices: boombox
The Powerhouse/ Visy Theatre
Sunday Nov 1:

Formed in 1993 The Australian Voices are a national choir of young adults that come together to sing a Capella like you’ve never heard it before. They’re funny, clever, inspiring, throw in a bit of foul language to make you laugh and above all are very creative.
Performing for Brisbane audiences in the intimate Visy theatre The Australian Voices bring to the stage ‘ Boombox’. Not like any other show you will ever experience the songs are original, funny and at times quite amazing.

With some imaginative numbers like ” baby shark” and ” words that run into other words” composer Isabella Gerometta shows a fun and playful side with songs that are reminiscent of a primary school yard. It’s fun and a little shocking but definitely gets quite a few laughs. Gordon Hamilton’s ” lights on-off” displays some interesting use of mobile phone torches and song combined rather effectively. Hamilton also educates us on the first ever rap battles with M.C. Busy Bee and M.C Kool Moe Dee taking the audience back in time for a retrospective rap battle.

Turning a sound bite of Julia Gillard’s famous speech the creative “not now, not ever!” is a shining example of how a simple yet famous piece can become a work of art. Similarly with “total political correctness” making Donald Trump’s sound bites seem rather ridiculous. Both pieces written by Rob Davidson were a high note to end the show.

The show is a fast paced endeavor full of frivolity, however when listening closely it is easy to pick up the professional training that each singer has. When combined to come together the result is quite impressive and makes for an evening of surprisingly enjoyable entertainment.


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