[Film Review] The H8ful Eight


The H8ful eight is the eight film by Quentin Tarantino and centres around a cast a cast of shady characters that are holed up during a snow storm with no place to go.

In Post – Civil War times on a cold lonely mountainside a snow storm sits Minnie’s Haberdashery , a stop over for weary travellers and law men alike. Minnie it seems is out visiting her family.

In a stage coach along come reluctant guests bounty hunter Major Marquis Warren ( Samuel. L. Jackson) riding with John “The Hangman” Ruth ( Kurt Russell)  and his prisoner  Daisy Domergue ( Jennifer Jason Leigh) to the town of Red Rock.  At the haberdashery a cast of questionable characters Oswald Mowbray ( Tim Roth)  waiting to hang the offender, the new sheriff of Red Rock Sheriff Chris Mannix ( Walton Goggins)  and  General Sandy Smithers ( Bruce Dern) and  Bob ( Demián Bichir ) who is looking after the haberdashery in Minnie’s apparent absence. 

The Hangman isn’t too trusting and over the course of the snowstorm he must watch his back and the large bounty that his ward has attached to her head. Being locked up with such a cast of shady characters The Hangman makes a deal with Major Warren to protect his investment.


As the storm gets heavier and the distrust grows between the men the plot thickens as Major Warren begins to figure out that something is a miss in the haberdashery. When Daisy’s brother suddenly arrives on the scene in an apparent rescue attempt things start to get messy.

Filmed in the picturesque area of Telluride in Colorado the scenery is really spectacular. As usual Samuel. L .Jackson is impressive as the disgraced  Warren, with swagger and attitude to spare. Likewise with Kurt Russell – he plays a bounty hunter with gusto and bite. Supporting cast are also highly effective in each role, but the stand performances come from Jackson and Russell. Jennifer Jason Leigh is worth a mention as Daisy

With most Tarentino movies the story takes quite a long time to tell and at a whopping 3 hours the movie is quite a marathon. Broken into chapters, the film plays out over 6 chapters to break down the story. Each chapter follows the theme of the chapter title quite effectively and down the line. It gives the film and the viewer direction and breaks things up. Using some older style cinematography techniques the story whilst long is told quite interestingly. That is until the second act where in usual Tarantino style it descends to a blood bath and almost the entire cast are slaughtered in a shoot out. It seems inappropriate to laugh at times, however it descends into such utter ridiculousness that it is virtually impossible not to.

With the first act being quite serious it is almost at times like watching two movies as the second act descending into ridiculous. It is usual that Tarantino does this as well as throwing a character in that has an Australian accent and takes several minuets to explain it, and is really unnecessary to the plot line and yet again he has done it.

If you are a Tarantio fan then you will be delighted with the story and the over abundant use of violence and gore that the director is known for.  It generally follows the same outline as most of Tarantino’s  films and has a very same/ same kind of feel. If it wasn’t for the brilliant acting this would just be another formulaic Tarentino film with large amounts of violence and blood drawn out over a long three hours.





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