[Live Review] Fatboy Slim

fatboy slim-14.jpg

On a hot sweaty Australia Day Eve thousands gathered at the Brisbane Riverstage to jump, thrush and fist pump their way through the 90- minuet Fatboy Slim DJ set to ring in the festivities for the next day.
If revellers’ were expecting a cavalcade of hits from Fatboy Slim then this was not the night for that. More just an avalanche of music old songs blended over loops, some recognisable and some not to the mixed crowd.

It didn’t matter a whole lot, with the lasers and the good vibes it was more than enough to pump up the spirits of crowd goers in the mood to party. Throwing in a nod to the late David Bowie there was little hint of any Fatboy Slim tracks throughout until the very end of the set when the crowd got going to a remixed version of ‘Praise you’.

With the lasers and an Australian flag flashing on the screen the set was more of a visual onslaught of sorts, a chance to just let go and dance. It mattered not if you didn’t know the song, just moving with the crowd was enough. Mixing up Marvin Gaye, Iggy Pop, The Chemical Brothers the crowd became a hot bed of dance and unstoppable energy.

Few Djs have become house hold names and it is a genre that is sometimes looked down upon. But when you can have 10,000 people throwing their hands in the air to House of Pain’s ‘ Jump Around’ then you have succeeded at making it a good night for everyone involved.



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