[Live Review] Chris Isaak

chris isaak

In the warm Autumn evening at the Sirromet Winery Chris Isaak takes to the stage in a powder blue suit, dazzling with ornate diamanté glittering under the bright lights. The crowd having been warmed up by a slightly predictable and pedestrian performance by  James Reyne by the time Chris saunters out they are ready to be entertained.

With a career spanning over three decades Isaak is a natural charmer and just oozes sexuality with the female audiences opening with ” Don’t break my heart”  he smiles and flirts his way through an almost two-hour set with ease.

The hits came easily with ” Blue Hotel”, ” Wicked Game” and ” Somebody’s Crying” his voice flawless for the popular songs. ” Baby did a bad bad thing” oozes sex appeal and shows that the 59-year-old has lost none of his vocal ability with age. Throwing in a few covers including Roy Orbison’s  ” Pretty Woman” and Jerry Lee Lewis’ “Great Balls of Fire” the entire band interacting with each other and truly enjoying themselves. At times they deviate from the set list, trying out some new dance moves and jam a little to mix things up and make the show fun.

When Isaak leaves the stage to walk among the crowd shouting out to long time friend and drummer Kenny Dale Johnson to play something nice.  As they play ” Kiss me like a stranger” women take selfies and Isaak is quite at home standing surrounded by adoring fans.

For the entire set Isaak had the crowd in the palm of his hand, hanging onto every moment. When he croons ” Can’t help falling in love” bringing a little Elvis to the stage it could almost be the real deal.

Leaving the stage to return in a mirror ball suit for the encore Chris Isaak proves yet again why he really is one of the most popular and polished professionals in the music industry. He has been engaging, charming and a whole lot of fun. He is just a little sexy add to that  a whole lot of  cheeky boyish charm that has managed to win over female fans for a long time. Let’s hope he’s around for a lot longer to win the hearts of romantic women everywhere.


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