[Film Review] Electric Slide


In the new movie  Electric Slide  the old adage desperate times call for desperate measures surely rings true. When the smooth and slick Eddie Dodson ( Jim Sturgess)  finds that he has over spent on a loan from the bank he turns to local loan shark Ray Fortune ( Christopher Lambert) for money. When that money  gets spent Eddie turns to donning a suit and tie a local bank. With his sharp dress sense he manages to charm the teller into giving him the money without setting off the alarm until after he has left.

The plan a first goes well and he’s paying Fortune back. He some how manages to convince his girlfriend Pauline ( Isabel Lucas) to be his getaway driver and they start to hit banks all over Hollywood. It seems like a perfect plan to pay back his debts until the pair run out of money maintaining their lavish lifestyle. It’s then that things really go wrong when Eddie is recognised by a former girlfriend and has to abandon his car and Pauline. Eventually this twist of fate leads to the Police discovering his identity.

The movie pays great attention to detail in the costuming and styling of the era getting it very accurate. With a soundtrack that is effective the film does fall a little short with a lack lustre performance from Sturgess. It moves a little slowly at times and is a drawn out. It would seem that there is a little miss – casting and the director tried to do his best to combat this. Equally Isabel Lucas could have done a lot more with her character to bring her to life and together the two lack any real on-screen chemistry.

Based on the true story of Eddie Dodson the movie has potential to be great but never quite takes off fully. The real ” Gentleman Robber” Eddie Dodson evaded Police and robbed almost 70 banks over a period of 9 months.

It is still however a pleasant enough film to watch with the story of the notorious bank robber one that needs to be told. Good for a lazy Sunday afternoon watch if you have some spare time this movie is easy viewing.




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