[ Film review] Mercury Plains


Nominated in the top ten of break out stars for 2015 Scott Eastwood stars in this South of the Border flick about hunting down drug cartels in Mexico.

Living in Texas, Mitch ( Eastwood) is down on his luck and living in a trailer with his Mum and Step Dad. On the spur of the moment Mitch and a friend travel to Mexico where they run into a little bit of trouble. A local paramilitary officer ‘The Captain’ quickly recruits Mitch offering him a large sum of money to track down drug cartels in the  border towns.

Sent into to training Mitch must quickly learn that there is a pecking order to how things work with the other soldiers and even though he is naturally a leader there are consequences for dissent.

After a few botched missions and some of the team members getting embroiled in battles that leave the team a few men short Mitch begins to suspect that the operation is not as it seems. When a mission in Juarez goes horribly wrong there are devastating consequences that could leave Mitch in more trouble than he bargained for.

Written and directed by Charles Burmeister the movie is a thriller that earns its R rating with its action scenes being quite intense and fast paced as bullets fly and cars swerve in high-speed chases. With Eastwood as the headline star in this feature he shines with charisma and an enigmatic screen presence that will ultimately have him compared to his father.

For the first act of the movie it is fast paced as the action heats up and the characters are developed. As it progresses the story begins to slow down struggling to maintain momentum and tends to drift off. For the most part of the movie Scott Eastwood is topless, a detail many female fans will enjoy ( I wasn’t angry about it for sure). It is easy to see that with his on-screen presence that over the next few years his star will continue to rise, regardless of his famous lineage.







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