[Live Review] Iron Maiden


Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Wednesday May 5th

A veritable sea of long hair and black t-shirts flood the arena in preparation for what is probably the hardest working heavy metal band in the music industry. With a discography of thirty – eight albums, eleven of them studio albums the band have on heck of a back catalogue to work though as they take to the stage.

Some would say old songs, but the posh word is legacy… I’m not old I am just a fucking legacy”   explains Bruce Dickinson to the enthusiastic crowd before launching into a two-hour spectacular featuring pyrotechnics,  Mayan themed stage and hand painted backdrops that change periodically. The charismatic front-man demanding ‘ Scream for me Brisbane’ time and time again the crowd happily oblige.

Opening the show with ‘ If Eternity should fail’  Dickinson dressed in a hoodie for the most part runs around the stage jumping over props as flames burst out of the stage from cauldrons and pillars.  Working their way through the legacy of hits the band impress fans with hits ‘ Children of the Damned’, ‘ Death or Glory’, ‘ Hallowed be thy Name’ and stand out ‘ Fear of the Dark’. There are a few costume changes with Dickinson changing  to a military jacket for ‘ The Trooper’  and later into a Mexican wresting mask.

As the evening is coming to a close things shift up a gear as Dickinson and the band are chased around by a full-sized Evil Ed before Dickinson rips out Evil Ed’s  heart unceremoniously throwing blood all over the stage. Large blow up figures of the Devil and Evil Ed follow shortly after to help close the show.

Throughout the show the band have been nothing short of spectacular. Even of you are not a die-hard fan like the majority of the crowd then the expert guitarists and flawless vocals should be enough to impress if the stage theatrics are not. There is one thing for certain Iron Maiden crank in up to 11 and keep it there the entire two hours.


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