[Film Review] Code of Honor


Every man has his code. For Colonel Robert Sikes ( Steven Seagal) his code as an ex-special ops military man is to avenge the death of his family. When his wife and child are murdered in a drive by shooting he turns into a one man Army and vigilante to take down street gangs, mobsters, crooked politicians and anyone who gets in his way.

The key to taking him down is his former protégé and friend William Porter ( Craig Sheffer)  , the only man who can get inside Sikes’ head and bring him down before he rips apart the city. With the help of the local police department only one question remains- Can Sikes be stopped?

Hell bent on his rampage of revenge Robert Sikes has not a thing left  to lose and he will stop at nothing until his own brand of justice is served. He’s a hard man and he’s on a hard mission and it will take all of Porter’s own code to decide whether to stop Sikes or help him with his mission.

On the hunt for Sikes are the police and the criminal underworld that both seem to take exception to the fact that the former Special Ops agent has all the skills he needs to both evade and destroy them one by one and both separately hunt him.

Steven Seagal knows how to pack a punch and this movie proves that he’s still got that ice cold on screen presence that made him popular. With his slow deliberate performance Seagal is a veteran when it comes to being an action hero on a mission.

With a supporting performance from Craig Sheffer that leaves you wondering who’s side he is on and a team of police that don’t know whether to thank or arrest Sikes the only question is, who will find him first- the police or the criminal underworld.


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