[Film Review] Emile


When their parents head out for a dinner date, the Thompson children think that the new baby sitter Anna ( Sarah Bolger)  is pretty cool with her friendly manner and laid back rules. At first they enjoy breaking the rules and playing with things that they are not normally allowed to touch.

However as the evening wears on the children realise that Anna may not be all that she seemed at first. With their parents unreachable, the neighbours not willing to listen and all adult contact cut off its up to the children to make sure they can survive the night and the tricks that Anna has in store for them. As the parents dine and enjoy the evening they are totally unaware as to what is happening back at the house in their absence.

The movie is generally unsettling at times and quite disturbing as Anna’s plans for the children become clearer. She may not be an adult but she is one sinister child and the stuff of nightmares for most parents. Sarah Bolger gives a thrilling performance as the dead pan Anna and she leads the viewer down a dark path.

The movie plays on hinted violence and has the viewer in a nail biting battle hoping that the children do not succumb to Anna’s evil plan. With each suggested act it unravels that Anna is a dark individual with a motive to destroy the family. She really is the stuff of every parents nightmare that will make everyone want to cross check baby sitters from now on.


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