News: Ben Lee launches new album

Ben  Lee began this album as part of a larger project several years ago, aiming to make interfaith music about all five major religions, for kids and families. The goal was to point out the commonalities between religions and to demonstrate the universal principles of love and the search for truth in each tradition. He wanted to cover all major religions but in the current political climate there suddenly became a sense of urgency when President Trump announcing travel bans there became a sudden need to help give a voice to the Global community that are affected by these bans.

Ben felt that it was the right time to speak up, as a non-Muslim, in his solidarity with innocent Muslim people around the world. The time was right to release this album. As a member of the Global community Ben takes his responsibility as a member of the human race seriously and

Produced by Blake Collins, this album is a tribute to the mystical ideas found in the Koran and the various sacred Islamic stories, that can be found when one stops reading literally, and begins to hear the messages of the heart contained within. It is an album that aims to spread the word of love and give insights to a religion that many may not be aware of.  It is a fun album for kids and grown-ups alike that serves to remind the listener that human beings all over the world are the same – we want meaning, love and guidance from within. The album is a great reminder that religions

All proceeds from this album go to the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) who are working tirelessly to protect the freedom of all types of people in America, and in fact were the initiators of the court case against the Trump administration that overturned the initial “travel ban” executive order.

Here is the link to the album in iTunes.

And here is a video of Ben explaining the concept behind the record:




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