Album Review: Ben Lee Sings Songs About Islam for the Whole Family

ben lee songs.jpg

Ben Lee is a man on a mission. That mission is to educate himself on matters of acceptance, love, religion and what it means to be a member of the human race. With the current climate in America ( where Ben lives) being excluding towards Islam and Muslims, Ben felt it was his social responsibility to release this album. Originally meant to be a part of a larger project where Ben explores all religions the album was released sooner than anticipated due to Ben’s need to be a voice for social consciousness and responsibility to fellow members of the human race.

Whilst a children’s album is never easy to write, Ben does so with ease. The album works as both an entertaining and educational tool for those wanting to better understand the religion that is Islam. It debunks some of the myths and untruths about the religion with songs like ‘ Islam means Surrender’, ‘ Ramadan‘ ‘ La Ilha II Allah” and ‘ Assalamualaikum‘ helping to break down the barriers with simple song writing and catchy tunes. Its education in the guise of art and is very intelligently written.

With songs ‘Rain‘, ‘ Happy Heart’ , ” Try, Try, Try’ and  ‘Straight Road’ they depart from the Islam theme and are songs that are great teaching tools for life in general. Upbeat and fun these songs also serve as great reminders for adults to not take ourselves too seriously.

Although the album is labelled as a children’s album it is in fact a great album for anyone that is a truth seeker when it comes to the controversial issue of Islamic religion. However after a few listens to the songs, if you choose to remain open minded Ben has a great way of educating. Its fun, simple and catchy and you will feel a lot more connected to the ideals of the religion afterwards.

The album is a bold move for Ben, who has had quite a lot of commercial success with the critically acclaimed ‘Awake is the new sleep’, however this album is a refreshing way of educating anyone who is the slight bit curios about the religion.

All proceeds for the album are being donated to the ACLU ( American Civil Liberties Union)  who work tirelessly to protect the freedom of all people in America. As a part of the global community we can all help to protect the human rights of our fellow man.

Ben Lee Sings Songs about Islam is available on iTunes and Spotify now.




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