News: Kevin Nolan set to announce new album release.

kevin nolan 2

Call it serendipity but sometimes  musical karma just happens – a guitar, a seasoned voice, a Bob Dylan anthology songbook and a star emerges..

Kevin Nolan has journeyed through the musical landscape and is now back in Australia, a new chapter opening for the singer songwriter.
Starting in his late teens, and with nothing but passion for music and a guitar the self-taught Kevin took to the stage gaining a reputation for being a solid player with a great voice, at first a cover artist and later embarking on his own musical song writing odyssey.

After a brief period in Nashville, Kev headed for Spain, where he was to remain for 18 years –soaking up the culture, the Iberian passions and the music.
Having returned to his hometown of Brisbane he has created a collection of songs, carefully honed from experience and delivered with strong, smoky vocals that draw each listener to his experiences and passion has been crafted to capture the imaginations Australian audiences.
Working with renowned Mexican producer Alex Beserker has helped the songs grow, brought out new dimensions in the music and added a finesse that takes Kevin’s vocals to a new level.
Kevin is currently working on his next album and fans of his music can donate to his crowd funding campaign to help bring his art to the world.

Do your ears a favour and check out Kevin’s latest single:


Register for Kev’s upcoming crowd funding campaign to fund album No 2. “Hearts In The Ground”


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