News: Sam Gellaitry drops new EP

samSam Gellaitry presents Escapism III, the third chapter in his Escapism saga: a coming-of-age trilogy that demonstrates the young prodigy’s unique, filmic musical productions. Escapism III sees Sam Gellaitry’s sound transcending, invoking a cinematic feel of technicolour-esque scope to his experimental production which fans got a taste of earlier this year on tracks ‘Jungle Waters’ and ‘Ceremony.’ While track ‘Acres’ was premiered last week on BBC Radio 1, you can stream the whole Escapism III EP now, along with Escapism I and II.

Gellaitry, now 20, started producing at the age of 12. Growing up in central Scotland and being influenced by a wide range of musical genres, Gellaitry used his imagination and love of nature to create eclectic soundscapes. The Escapism series in turn weaves a progressive sound throughout with each instalment evolving from the other.

As Gellaitry says of the project: “Acres is the first track on the Escapism series that doesn’t include synths and is very inspired by my surroundings living in Scotland. I feel like Acres is the musical embodiment of the artwork for Escapism III and is a glimpse of what it feels like being immersed in Scotland’s landscape. For the past 17 months the Escapism series has been my main outlet for musical exploration, which has included many of my creative influences. Each part of the series has the same foundation which is my take on the present electronic music scene. It’s very rewarding to see the series come together now that Escapism III has been released and the project can be experienced in its entirety.”



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