News: Branch Arterial drop new album

6f8e8fad-1b3b-43d6-9a2d-ecf737f94453Melbourne’s Branch Arterial are full steam ahead to their album release next Friday. With single CIRCUS getting it’s premiere in early April and being spun on triple j’s THE RACKET, a new single out now entitled MY CURSE and the full album dropping on April 28th, there’s just no stopping this Melbourne band from getting this new music to fans.

Their new music has come literally from ‘Beyond the Border’ of life and death – this, their long awaited debut album, Beyond The Border. Their heaviest effort yet, this album once again finds the band seeking out new vital forms of musical expression within the progressive rock idiom. After climbing a mountain of hurdles the last few years, Branch Arterial are ready to share their story with the world once again.

This second cut from the record is a heavier, darker track than Circus and the lyric video’s dark aesthetic and vibe matches it perfectly


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