News: The Rich and Famous drop new EP



The Rich and Famous are in control and announce to the world that their five song manifesto, “Take Us To Your Leader” is soon to be released.

Fronted by Jeffrey Hoad (Kings Of The Sun), The Rich and Famous are a high powered merger of rock, glamour, satire and mind control in its purest form.

You’re familiar perhaps with the bands’ unapologetic inclination to tell it you straight, no holds barred and no questions asked. They shall not disappoint their fans with the release of their new EP.

With borderline contradiction, flamboyance and a heavy dose of hard core, it’s what the fans asked for. Since their last release (Stand Back Prepare To Be Amazed), The Rich and Famous have collaborated with aliens and formed strong alliances with interplanetary heavy-hitters. Their new musical portal will deliver onto the fortunate a higher level of consciousness, as yet unknown on the earthly plane.

Never has there been a more relevant window for the message to be received and it will be heralded as ‘the cure’ for the indie-rock-folk climate de jour, where PC is OK. Is it OK, or is it a slow kill? Rock was born to shock, lest we forget…

“Take Us To Your Leader”, the bands’ fourth studio release will be difficult to ignore.

“My inspiration for our new EP came to me in a way that I can only describe as abstract and out of this world. A creative flood of melodies, riffs and abstract chord progressions and lyrics, all at once. A deliverance if you will, culminating in a complete musical story which I like to call our musical manifesto.” Jeffrey Hoad, The Rich and Famous lyricist, lead vocalist, guitarist and front-man.

Lovers of rock are advised to strap themselves in and prepare for the launch of “Take Us To Your Leader”, landing June


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