News: Cult Classic The Crow reboot and why it needs to not happen.



There are movies that we see in our lives that become to us our favourite movies, with strong story lines, amazing soundtracks and talented acting. They touch us because they are special.

For many people during the 90s one of those movies was cult classic The Crow. In the 90s The Crow was the movie name on everyone’s lips, when lead actor Brandon Lee was tragically killed on set during production.

With its dark theme and grungy soundtrack it was easy to see why this movie became the classic and reached cult status. It had all the ingredients that it takes to make a good movie. The scene where Eric Draven ignites a crow shaped fire is visually stunning.

But now there is talk of a new movie “reboot” in the works. The word “reboot” has become synonomous with ” We’ve run out of original ideas” and ” We’re going to take something millions of fans loved and totally destroy it”. The 2016 reboot of much loved cult classic Point Break is a fine example of this. Originally starring movie legends Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves there was no need to reboot the film. Yet they did, and a train wreck is what viewers got. An instagram- filtered, zero story line train wreck of a film with questionable acting from no name actors and a flimsy story. Not worth a mention.

Now there is a rumored start date for production and Jason Momoa is locked in to play the lead of Eric Draven.  With all due respect to Momoa ( who also starred in the unwatchable Conan remake) Eric Draven was a character that Brandon Lee bought to life  with such brutal honesty, pain and realness that viewers could not help but feel his pain through every teeth -clenched word he spoke. He WAS Eric Draven and not any other actor will be able to bring to the screen the tortued pain he delivered so well. Viewers wanted/needed him to get revenge for the murder of his beloved Shelly Webster ( Sofia Shinas) and make us all believe in a love so strong it can bring a soul back from the grave to make the wrong things right.

The original movie has remained in the hearts of fans for the last 23 years as a movie that was brilliant and tragic at the same time. Whilst most fans were able to ignore the horrific sequels that ensued after the debut, it remains to be seen how a reboot will be recieved. With fans of the original already up in arms over this, could it be the career death sentence of Momoa, and a very poor career move after reaching almost iconic status with his character portrayal of Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones.

With Hollywood constantly re-booting movies that many grew up loving ( lets not even mention what looks like a mess of a remake Dirty Dancing) its time the big wigs started paying attention and leaving the originals alone- these reboots are not popular.

The  remake has been in production trouble since it was first envisioned and in the trash can is where this idea needs to stay.


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