News: Radnor and Lee debut first single


Today is the day! Ben Lee and Josh Radnor are bursting with excitement to share with the world their first single from their new album.

The project that Josh and Australian musician Ben Lee have been working on, under the name Radnor & Lee, can be heard for the first time. The debut single “Be Like the Being” is premiering on Yahoo Music. This song addresses the fundamental existential questions we each face, and does it all while being pretty darn catchy if I do say so myself 🙂

If you’re a little eagle-eyed then you may recognise Josh Radnor from the hit television series ‘How I met your mother’ and the long term mates enjoy working together so much that they had to release an album after frequenting a few LA bars with their music styling’s.

Click here to have a listen and share if you like it!

If you dig what they are doing keep up  via


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