Interview: Kings


KINGS are riding high at the moment – album on the way, talked about by Alternative Press, added to the Homegrown & Heavy playlist on Spotify – and now the second cut from their forthcoming album is here. With members from a plethora of past Brisbane bands, Kings are determined to make their mark on the heavy scene.

We had a catch up with the guys to have a chat about music and what is coming up next for this Brisbane metal band.

When did you decide to form a band?

At the end of 2014 a few of us weren’t doing anything musically, so we began to write the music for Kings. In early 2015 we linked up with our vocalist Lewis and we started to write complete songs that we would later record that year and in 2016.

Sum up your musical sound in five words?

Positive, Inspiring, Energetic, Dynamic, Driven.

What is your favourite moment playing on stage?

Recently we were able to support some heroes of ours in Dream On Dreamer. The crowd seemed to get into our music, we had so much fun playing and it was great to be around guys who we’ve looked up to for ages.

Who are your music heroes and why?  

We love the band Architects. Their live set is so inspiring and something we would love to strive toward. Also with their recent tragedy to see them regroup and come back stronger than ever is incredible to see.

Why should people come and see your band?

We aim to play a set which is different from all the other heavy bands out there. We view our live set as one big performance where every song seamlessly flows into one another, instead of just playing a random collection of songs. We are always looking at ways to make our performance stand out and give viewers a different experience.

When and where are your next gigs?

Our next show is called Moshfest in Brisbane, this Saturday 20th of May. A huge lineup with some of the best local and interstate bands, should be an awesome day!

While you’re at it do you dusty eyes a favour and check out their latest vid below:

























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