News: Osaka Punch drop new video

osaka punch

Brisbane’s Lords of prog/funk/everything OSAKA PUNCH want to know ARE YOU IN OR OUT? They don’t want to mess around with Mr. In Between. Today they drop the new single and video and punters can grab the track on Friday in all good online outlets for purchase and streaming as part of their EP and an exclusive digital package with new artwork will be available at the band’s Bandcamp site.

In or Out’ is about the power imbalance in a relationship/friendship/band when one person is more devoted, and is starting to feel disconnected from the other. It’s the pursuit of clarity, in a definitive moment of “do we go any further, or is this the end of the road?”

When we’ve finally had enough of giving everything, the least we deserve is a straight answer. Are you in or are you out?

The excellent video was shot & edited by Her Name is Murder Productions on location in an abandoned warehouse in Liverpool, UK during their time spent there in 2015, playing live and recording Death Monster Super Squad in Grammy-Award Winning Studio – Parr St Studios. This is the final single from Death Monster Super Squad and heralds the imminent coming of new material from the band.

Over the last 9 years, Osaka Punch have forged a reputation as one of Australia’s most wildly entertaining live acts. The group’s distinctive fusion of catchy grooves, jazz chops and a rock ethos sets them apart from most heavy acts, and allows an element of humour and satire in an otherwise very serious scene. Reviewers have been keen to emphasise the crowd-captivating live antics of both the outfit, and it’s charismatic and ceaselessly energetic front man, Jack ‘Muzak’ Venables. 2016 was a strong year for the band. They released 2 singles and the album ‘Death Monster Super Squad’, which was met with critical acclaim, and airplay on Triple J, Triple M, and various local radio stations around the country. Combine that with some epic support slots with Dead Letter Circus, The Fall of Troy, and Closure in Moscow, and it’s easy to see why the buzz is growing so swiftly around Osaka Punch. In keeping with the band’s characters from Death Monster Super Squad featured on their cover art, In or Out Introduces Olaf Wolfgang-Jager, aka “In or Out”.

Assembled in Bendova, Germany by the Dutchrudder brothers, Olaf was designed for the “Pacific Rim” program, which he assumed was a security detail against the forces of evil. But after a very “in-depth” orientation session on his first day, the program left a bad taste in his mouth, and he fled Bendova to find greener pastures. Years passed without a place to call home, until finally Olaf settled in Gundagai, Australia. It was here he met Harry ‘Make the Call’ Manhattan while looking to purchase some ice for his lychee daiquiri. Once again fooled by the English language’s propensity for double meaning, the ice had a far from desired effect. Instead of cooling his daiquiri to sub-room temperature, it caused Olaf’s head to retract into his body, activating ‘Sentry Mode’. A bloody massacre ensued, limbs flew, explosions exploded, and in the end there was nothing but the sound of death and the apathetic hum of crickets. Harry took one look at the carnage and knew he’d found the new head of security for the Death Monster Super Squad. But whether his head is in or out, Olaf is one mean, lean, arse-licking machine”

This year is also off to a flying start, with 2 tours along the East Coast supporting Lagerstein and Twelve Foot Ninja. This raised their profile in NSW, SA, and Victoria, and further established their loyal following in their hometown of Brisbane. Another release is due for October, which will see the band on a 15 date tour across the country. Having toured Australia, the UK, and Scandinavia over the past 5 years, Osaka Punch have crafted their live set to a fine art. This combined with well-crafted songs, and world class musicianship, makes Osaka Punch one of Australia’s must see live acts.


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