EP Review: Joy In Motion – Falling Out (2017)

joy in motion
Joy In Motion – Falling Out (2017)
If cute Brisbane indie-rockers Sekiden and US emo-punks Fall Out Boy had a baby, and that child grew up listening to Paramore, Avril Lavigne, All Time Low and Katy Perry, it might have grown up to become Joy in Motion.
The Brisbane four-piece – Jake Solway (vocals), Dylan Cottee (guitar), Patrick Heaton (bass), Carly Sinn (drums) – has released its debut EP, Falling Out.
Book-ended by the songs ‘Falling In’ and ‘Falling Out’, it’s a concept mini-album about falling in and out of love that features five tracks of agreeable pop-rock, spanning sounds ranging from fellow Brisbane tykes Cub Sport to pop-punks New Found Glory.

Opener ‘Falling In’ sets the tone for the release, its ‘boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl’ lyrical content emblematic of the rest of the EP.
It’s a catchy pop-rock tune in which the best moments are finding the soft yet effective touches –high-hat drum, innocuous guitar work, faint keyboard lines – but unfortunately some of the vocals from guest Millie Tizzard gets swamped in the sound mix.

Track two, the synthesiser-driven ‘See Your Face’, appears the best candidate to propel Joy in Motion to further success; uplifting music and a catchy chorus with Solway’s lead vocals at their best.
Belter ‘Foolish Boy’ sees Joy in Motion turn up the guitar amps to visit the pop-punk territory populated by the likes of Simple Plan, Fall Out Boy and Short Stack, backed by another sing-along chorus.
The band returns to sounds found earlier on the EP with ‘Can’t Stop, Why Stop’, Solway’s vocals gliding nicely over a mix of keyboards, guitar picking and faint electronic beats that builds to a rowdy climax.
‘Falling Out’ suitably rounds out the five-track affair – “This is the end,” Solway reiterates ten times, sounding like a reflective Mark Hoppus from Blink-182.
After echoing the type of emotive song Evermore did well at their peak it all ends abruptly, like the relationship detailed over the previous 20 minutes of music.
Falling Out is a solid debut release of catchy pop-rock that should find favour with both love smitten and heartbroken youth.

Words by Lee Oliver


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