dear seattle

Sydney’s Dear Seattle have been shaking up the live music scene and crowd surfing their way across Australia all year, and now they are here to serve you a new dose of head banging, beer-in-the-sky melodic punk rock with the release of their new EP (due July 14) which features new single ‘Afterthought’, as well as break out single ‘The Meadows’. They’re also heading out on the road for their first ever headline tour weaving their way up the east coast throughout July and August.

Frequently compared to the likes of Violent Soho, Silverchair, Tired Lion and Luca Brasi, and after reaching #12 on the AUS Spotify Viral Charts, #21 on the UK Spotify Viral Charts, racking up over 60,000 plays on their debut video, being added to triple j spot rotation, and supporting Columbus on their sold-out tour, Dear Seattle are ready to show you exactly what all the fuss is about.

The 6-track EP is a culmination of a break-up, a few cases of beer, seven days hanging out on a farm, some demo’s, and Beavis and Butthead.

“This new EP is all about reinvention and self-evolution following loss. Centered around the most painful breakup I have ever had to endure, this record illustrates both the agony of my journey, and the internal change I had to conjure to come out the other side with positivity in my stride.

Instead of writing song by song in a bedroom over an extended period of time, we chose to go away for a week to a farm in the middle of nowhere and just churn it out as a group. In my opinion, that’s the reason it is all so connected and whole, because it truly is a snapshot of where we were at in that period of time.” – Brae Fisher (vocals/guitar


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