Interview: As Paradise Falls

As Paradise Falls have had a massive year and on the cusp of an album launch for what has proved to be a challenging album for the band to release we caught up with Shaun Coar to chat about what is up next for the band.


Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to have a chat to us.  We’re really excited that you are releasing a new album so thanks catching up with us.


What was the concept for the new album and how did you come up with the name Digital Ritual?

The concept behind Digital Ritual is how digital media has engrained itself into our daily life. So much so for some it’s hard to imagine what life was like without it. And whilst the benefits of this symbiotic relationship are immense the songs on this album explore some negatives or pieces of ourselves we left behind.


So this album has been a challenge to release for you, how does it feel to finally release it? It’s been a long road to get here with some tragic circumstances. Me being asked to join the band after their original singer left was part of that process as well, so to finally be at the point where we are about to release the album is liberating to say the least.

What strives and inspires you to create new art?

I mostly observe what I see of the world and translate that with my weird perspective of the way things are ha-ha. Usually there is a catalyst emotionally that decides what I’ll write about. Weather it be a world event or a personal situation that will get my thoughts racing and things splinter off from there.


What challenges did you face when making the new album?  What did new producer Shane Edwards bring to the record?

I think for the guys the biggest challenge was the passing of the guitarist Glen Barrie at the final stages recording process. Subsequently shortly after, the bands original vocalist left to pursue other interests. So on top of grieving a loss of a friend they stepped up and looked for a new guitarist and vocalist and found Jimmy Upson for guitar and me for vocals. Vocals had to be re-written and recorded elsewhere at Adam Merker’s studio in Brisbane “Studio Andeerz Debeerz” and then sent back to Karma Sound Studios in Thailand to be mixed and mastered into the album. So unfortunately my experience with working with Shane is limited. But the mix and master speak for themselves he’s done an amazing job
What can fans expect from coming to one of your shows?  Will it be small an intimate or more of a full rock show event?

A physics lesson in relation to the effects of sonic bombardment. Bring your lab coat, its gonna be intimate and wild.


Who are your main influences in the music world? I pretty much taught myself to sing off Mike Patton and Alice In Chains records. Outside of that I like to have a broad range of influences from death core to electronica to film scores.

You’ll be releasing the album at a few shows in Brisbane soon, are there plans to take it on a National tour?

Yes! And we can’t wait to get out on the road soon! Announcements will be coming soon so keep an eye on our website in the coming weeks.
What’s up next for As Paradise Falls?

Because we’ve been working this particular album for so long I think we are all itching to see what we can all write as a unit with this line up. I feel we’ve only scratched the surface of what we can explore.


As Paradise Falls  Live Dates

July 1 The Brightside, Brisbane with A Breach of Silence

July 29 Jubilee Hotel  with Dead of Winter Fest







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