News: GOLD CLASS New album Drum out today

gold classGold Class today release their highly anticipated album Drum – out via Barely Dressed Records and Remote Control. Drum is the bold follow-up to the slow-burning cult-success of 2015 debut It’s You. Its a brasher, vivid widescreen account of a band hitting its stride; an urgent, defiant and beautiful new document from the band.

When naming the album, Adam Curley, singer and lyricist for Gold Class, needed a word – a hook on which to pin his band’s new album. “Drum is primitive,” he says, “It’s physical. It’s the beat of your heart. It’s immediate.”

Drum showcases a new side to the band, a confidence not detectible in the brittle post-punk of their previous releases. Richer textures, moments of sweetness and melancholy belie themes of submission, authority, ecstasy and heartbreak – distilling all the complexities of life into a fateful, thumping pulse.

“The week we started to write Drum, my relationship ended and I was left alone in a draughty old house. I sat around with my notebook, the quiet hours cut with news from friends and the TV: the suicides of musicians and writers I’d known and queer kids I hadn’t; the systematic abuse of vulnerable people, the constant mockery of anyone on the out…

…I wanted it to be a record of defiance, a resistance to the idea of scrambling for a place at a table that wasn’t set for you. A sort of a love letter to anyone who not only can’t meet the standard but doesn’t want to.” – Adam Curley

Recorded at Melbourne’s Head Gap and Tropical Fuck Storm Studios and produced by Gareth Liddiard of The Drones, Drum sees Gold Class expand their sonic pallet. Opening gurner ‘Twist in the Dark’ lifts Curley’s howl over an escalating pummel, and ‘Rose Blind’, ‘We Were Never Too Much’ and closer ‘Lux’ each hinge on the ragged marriage of new pop smarts and furious guitar squalls. But there’s a space, too – see the keening, early-morning comedown of ‘Trouble Fun’; skeletal echo of ‘Mercurian’; the gentle ebb and flow of ‘Place We Go’.

The wondrous force of the band’s live show no doubt served as both musical and thematic inspiration for the album. Indeed, it was Liddiard that was instructive in helping the band capture this force. “We wanted to take a risk,” says singer Adam Curley. “He was the one person everyone felt could do something interesting with the album. He was able to simultaneously push us outside our comfort zone and help us achieve what we set out to do in the first place.”

Drum stands to be both personal and political, as Curley explained early on, “I wanted the album to be defiant and full of skin and trouble and spit and love.” Drum attempts to distil that messy scope into a brave new album. Whatever will come, the beat – at least – goes on.

“We played out like an echoing drum / We were beaten, but I still feel a thump”

Gold Class have also announced a headline tour. Details are below and tickets are on sale today.


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