Interview: Crypitus


Hailing from Vermont  Crypitus is Heavy, Death, Thrash and Black Metal influenced band but reach out to pull from genres such as jazz, punk and even hard core.  We caught up with these guitar Gods for a chat about their influences, the music scene and the release of their new EP. 

Doug Friend-Guitarist/Vocalist
Joe Minard -Bass
Peter Snee-Rhythm Guitarist
Zach Patch-Percussionist

How did you come up with Crypitus as a band name and is there meaning behind it? 

Pete: Doug decided on that name a long time ago in the previous iteration of Crypitus. It’s Latin for the sounds bones make when they’re broken.

Joe: Doug chose the name. It’s the sound of breaking bones!

Zach: Doug gets credit for the name, or at least a teacher he had gave the idea. Crypitus is the sound of breaking bones!

Doug: Yes, I still remember the day my high school teacher came up to me and excitedly exclaimed “Do you know what would be a sick metal band name?! Crypitus its the sound of breaking bones!” I was sold immediately. 

You list jazz as an influence you use in making music. Which jazz artists have influenced you the most? 

Pete: Frank Zappa has become a big influence of mine.

Joe: I remember playing jazz band in high school, no particular artist ever caught my attention but the whole experience helped me get good. 

Zach: I guess you could classify some Zappa as jazz, but my influence is mostly proggy.

Doug: John Coltrane and Miles Davis are my favorite jazz artists. The way that they play so complexly yet so fluently is definitely something that’s inspired me musically. image5



You’ve been working hard to spread your reach across America, how is working for you? 

Pete: It’s going great! We have a lot of shows coming up in New England but between day jobs and bills, we can’t go further right now. Soon, though. Crypitus is coming for ya.

Joe: Pretty good. Its been fun time. We have a bunch of shows in the upcoming months. Its going to be awesome.

Zach: So far so good. I can’t believe how many people we’ve reached out to in the past year. Especially in other countries!

Doug: It’s good! Far better than I could have imagined things going. This is my first band and my first shot at getting out there and look at me, we are talking with you from across the globe. Networking is an amazing thing. 

How is work going on your demo Exhibit 1: Prelude to the Dead World going? 

Pete: Recording is done, mixing is done, cover, inserts, printing is done. Pretty much ready to be dropped.

Zach: With any luck, it’ll be out in another weeks’ time. Our work on it is done.

Doug: It’s been a long time coming but I’m proud to say the release of our demo is 9/25/17 and will be available on a variety of platforms!

What kind of experience can fans expect at one of your shows? 

Pete: Head banging, high energy moshing, bone-crunching riffs. If you aren’t close enough to the stage, Doug will make you get closer.

Joe: Moshing and shit.

Zach: A very fun and energetic one. Clowns, perhaps. Maybe even floating tacos, but definitely some of the sickest psychedelic thrash metal you’ve ever experienced.

Doug: A heavy interactive live experience full of riffs, head banging and circle pits. 

Do you have plans to make your music more international?

Pete: All our stuff is available to any country from our website, We have a Band camp available to everyone, too

Doug: Our online release of our demo should have reach in multiple countries, on multiple download and streaming website. But to stay up to date on exactly where you can get a listen head over to





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