Red Deer Festival Interview Series: Leanne Tennant

Leanne Tennant

The Red Deer Festival is just around the corner and with such an epic line up we grabbed some of the artists to have a bit of a chat about all things music, and why you must see them at Red Deer. Consider it an inside look at what to expect from this fantastic festival and what you want to highlight.

The very talented Leanne Tennant is one singer you won’t want to miss and we spoke to her about her musical influences and career.

You’ve received some notable awards, what has been your career highlight so far?

I would have to say that getting to play a Go-Betweens song at the Grant McLennan Fellowship Awards was pretty up there. Also getting to be a part of the Mentorship with Kram down on Bruny Island was a life-changing experience. I’m eternally grateful.


What was it like supporting Ash Grunwald in 2015? Who else have you recently supported?

It was great touring with Ash. I’ve been a fan of his music for years so it was lovely to meet him. His sound engineer Kev was an absolute legend also. Another incredible support opportunity was the Cold Chisel shows. They were a lovely bunch of people and extremely professional. It was a dream!

What inspires you to write music?

Lots of things I guess. Sometimes it’s just a word or a phrase I might hear that snowballs into a bunch of other ideas, other times it might be a strange sound I hear, or a movie I’m watching at the time.



I couldn’t go past Nick Cave, or Jack White.

What was it like working with Kram (From Spiderbait) as a mentor?

It was unforgettable. I’ve been a Spiderbait fan for many, many years so the whole thing was completely surreal. I made some great friends and learnt so much about myself on that trip. I often catch myself day-dreaming and plotting ways how I can get back there.

What can fans at Red Deer Festival expect from your performance?

A little bit of dark, a little bit of light, and seeing as my set is at 2pm a fair bit of sweat!



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