Interview: FUEL

Image supplied by Jena Ardell


Fuel were part of the 90s grunge scene and for anyone that had teenage angst during the era, FUEL’s breakout album ‘ Sunburn’ was one that many had on repeat. With lyrics that spoke of pain and loss the album was full of anthems that helped many a teenager through hard times. With the album celebrating 20 years since its release, Fuel are back to delight fans with a tour and a chance to hear the album played in its entirety. We caught up with the bands Frontman Brett Scallions to talk music ahead of their Australian tour. 


Congrats on your break out album ‘Sunburn’ celebrating 20 years, how does it

feel to have an album stand the test of time? 

Proud of everyone that made this record. We did it right.

Some of your lyrics on the album seem to come from a place of pain. What inspired you to write the songs that you have? 

I think that music in general was in that mindframe at the time. The Seattle sound was still going strong and what was considered as alternative music was on the rise. There was angst everywhere.

The guitar sound on the album is very distinct, tell us about your gear, what guitar is your preferred favourite?

In the studio its basically the “whatever guitar sounds best for the part” rule. In a live atmosphere I like playing Fender Telecasters and Gibson Les Pauls. In the studio, the same goes for guitar amps. I’ve played everything from Hughes and Kettner Tri Amps to Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifiers live. Currently, I use two Diamond Phantom heads stereo through two Diamond 4×12 cabinets. Control everything with a TC Electronic G System pedalboard. I also have a Diamond 1×12 open back combo I run on a clean channel the entire time. Really adds to hear the individual string.


What is it about touring you love the most? 

Playing the shows. No matter what happens throughout the day, the show is the highlight of the day.


When it comes to guitar, whose style do you admire the most and why? 

Jimmy Page, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eddie Van Halen. When you heard them play, you knew it was them.

Some musicians are known for having an interesting rider. What is your one must- have back stageat a gig?

A bottle of Jameson to take the edge off.


What about pre-gig superstitions? Any things that you do that prepare you for

the gig that you simply must do? 

No pre gig superstitions. Sometimes I’m finishing one of my favourite tv shows 2 minutes before showtime. After all these years its easy for me to switch into show mode.


What is your favourite bar to drink at in your home town? 

The Rainbow on Sunset.


What is the most unusual experience you’ve ever had on stage? 

Playing a show while vomiting side stage, having an open 8 inch hunting knife thrown at me, taking the headstock of a Les Paul straight to the face that split me wide open, to name just three instances.


 What can Australian fans expect from your show?

All the hits. A celebration of 20 years of the Sunburn album. We’ll play the record and then some.


Fuel are touring Australia later this year, so make sure to grab a ticket.





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