News: GOOD BOY Release new single ‘A Waste Of Approximately 122 Million Dollars (Taxpayer Funded)’ EP Shirk Life out Friday 10 November via Barely Dressed Australian headline tour in December

Premiered this week on Beats 1 Radio, Good Boy have now shared their new single ‘A Waste Of Approximately 122 Million Dollars (Taxpayer Funded)’. This is the second single to come from their hyper-intelligent and raucous EP Shirk Life, due November 10 via Barely Dressed Records.

The song itself spits a frustrated and self-explanatory message about the absurd, insulting and embarrassing marriage equality plebiscite in Australia. As singer Rian King explains, “122 million dollars of public funding for an opinion is disgusting. In NZ all they had to do was sign a piece of paper and go to lunch but our pathetic bureaucracy-obsessed need to spend money and time, distracts from what should already be legal. There is no valid argument against same sex marriage.”

Recorded by Cameron Smith from Incremental Records ( Dune Rats, DZ Deathrays and Velociraptor) and mixed and mastered by Mikey Young (Eddy Current Suppression Ring / Total Control), ‘A Waste Of Approximately 122 Million Dollars (Taxpayer Funded)’ is whip-smart and catchy-as-hell. And it comes with a brand new (claymation!) video directed by Fin Marx. Watch via the image below.

As Marx explains, “The video was more of a fun arts and crafts project for our sharehouse than anything. We had a limited time frame and budget so we figured ‘why not a claymation?’ and blindly went from there. There’s a lot of little inside jokes (like Rian’s dancing) that I hope brings the fans a little closer to what the band are all really like.”

Shirk Life will be available on a limited edition 12” vinyl, packaged with their earlier standout EP Plum. You can pre-order the double EP now.


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