The upper echelon of our heavy music hierarchy needs to make a little room as South-Sydney five-piece, Polaris release their highly anticipated debut album, The Mortal Coil this Friday, 3rd November via Resist Records. The Mortal Coil is triple j’s feature album all this week.

“Huge riffs? Check. Ambient textures? Check. Earth shattering breakdowns? You bet. Lucid has them all.” says Rocksound as they premiere the video for Lucid.

“Lucid came to us fairly late in the writing period. That big riff that drops in the middle of the song was actually written for a different song that Ryan was working on which didn’t make it to the album, but we loved the riff so we pulled it out and constructed a new song around it that was totally different to the original – really aggressive and full of this dark adrenaline, and straight away it became the album opener!”says vocalist, Jamie Hails

While drummer Daniel Furnari adds, “Lucid is a song about realising you’ve backed yourself into a mental corner that you have to work your way out of. I think by the end of the writing period we had all at one stage or another in our own time reached a bit of a breaking point where we became pretty drained and disillusioned with the creative process, which is somewhat inevitable when you’re working consistently on something for a long period of time and putting pressure on yourself to make things that you like. A few of us were getting kind of lost in the whole thing and beginning to lose a lot of faith in ourselves, and this song is about trying to process and understand that negative mindset.”


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