Norwegian-born, Melbourne based artist Tuva Finserås is proud to today release her hypnotic new single ‘Pack of Wolves’. Following on from her colour-pop single ‘Easy Going Monday’ released earlier this year, ‘Pack of Wolves’ delves into the darker-side of the multi-instrumentalist and is out now.

Infused with Tuva Finserås’ slightly off-kilter Scandinavian sensibility, ‘Pack of Wolves’ edges you to escape reality and look deep into the eyes of your fears. Layered over carefully constructed thumping drums designed to entwine and entangle you, each line is purposefully placed to draw you in, surrounded by swirling electronic and acoustic instrumentals. ‘Pack of Wolves’ was produced by Benjamin McCarthy (Alex the Astronaut, nyck, Gordi) and is the second single and title track from Tuva Finserås’ forthcoming debut EP due out in 2018.

A classically trained pianist and music major, Tuva Finserås was born and raised in Drøbak, Norway, and began her musical journey playing violin at an annual Norwegian folk music festival, before starting piano at age nine. After wanting to move away to pursue her love of music, she had a burst of inspiration whilst watching Home and Away and decided on Australia, eventually settling in to Melbourne in early 2015. She released her bright and colourful first single ‘Easy Going Monday’ in June this year, where it was added to added to triple j Unearthed with Outlet Magazine calling her “enchanting”.


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