27 Listicle Series: Tuva Finserås



As part of the 27 Listicles series we’re asking our fave musicians to tell us about their fave musicians.  This week Tuva Finserås shares her ultimate listicle of essential bands.


A classically trained pianist and music major, Tuva Finserås was born and raised in Drøbak, Norway, and began her musical journey playing violin at an annual Norwegian folk music festival, before starting piano at age nine. After wanting to move away to pursue her love of music, she had a burst of inspiration whilst watching Home and Away and decided on Australia, eventually settling in to Melbourne in early 2015.

Norwegian-born, Melbourne based artist Tuva Finserås is proud have just released her hypnotic new single ‘Pack of Wolves’. Following on from her colour-pop single ‘Easy Going Monday’ released earlier this year, ‘Pack of Wolves’ delves into the darker-side of the multi-instrumentalist and is out now.

Check out her listicle of essential listening.

  1. Ingebjørg Bratland


Ingebjørg Bratland is a typical Norwegian singer/songwriter, singing traditional Norwegian folk music. She has such a beautiful voice and a very unique singing technique. If I really miss home and want to feel like I’m in the Norwegian mountains and fjords, I put on Ingebjørg Bratland.


Ingebjørg Bratland – Fordi eg elskar deg (YouTube)



  1. Susanne Sundfør


Susanne Sundfør has one of the most amazing voices I know, it’s powerful and expressive. I love her musical style and sound as well, with a mixture of experimental pop, electronica, folk, jazz and classical music. She’s a Norwegian artist you must hear!


Susanne Sundfør – White Foxes (YouTube)



  1. Kings of Convenience

Kings of Convenience are a Norwegian indie folk-duo that I didn’t actually discover before coming to Australia! Apparently they’ve been touring here for years. Their voices are so warm and calming, it feels like you’re floating down a quiet river. The delicate tunes and soothing lyrics pull you in and leave you at peace. I love them.

Kings Of Convenience – Homesick (YouTube)



  1. Aurora

I’m sure a lot of you know who Aurora is already, she’s become quite an international name! She makes stunning electro-pop songs with a touch of melancholy in it. I get this powerful, cold and nordic feel when I listen to her songs, and her expressive voice and presence on stage and in music videos really draws me in.

Aurora – Conqueror (YouTube)



  1. Vamp

Vamp is a band with Norwegian lyrics, and their sound reminds me of the Norwegian mountains, with instruments such as flutes and violins. My dad is a big fan and I’ve grown up listening to them. They always get me in a really good mood with their uplifting, high spirited music. They are from a town called “Haugesund” in Norway and they sing in the local dialect with is  beautiful.

Vamp – Månemannen



Whilst you’re at it do your dusty ears a favor and listen to the new track ‘ Pack of Wolves’






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