News: Foreign Architects share new single ‘ Talk To A Scientist’


Finding the perfect balance between intricate melodies and pop hooks, Foreign Architects have put forward their latest slice of indie rock with single Talk To A Scientist. From their home in the sun-soaked Western Australian capital of Perth, what started out as a project between singer/songwriter Matt Burke and drummer Andrew Barnett has evolved into one of the city’s most exciting new bands.

Recorded by The Money War’s Dylan Olivierre (a gifted songwriter in his own right) and mixed by uber talented producer Andy Lawson (Eskimo Joe, Tired Lion), Talk To A Scientist is a mesmerising ride of blissful guitar tones and supersized vocal hooks. Both radio-friendly and ready to ignite the stage, Talk To A Scientist is impeccably crafted – balancing the power of the band with the effortless charm of Matt Burke’s soulful voice.

Their first single, Poisonous Pill, was met with a warm response and triple j airplay, but as the original duo’s songwriting grew in complexity, Foreign Architects felt the need to expand their lineup. Enlisting friends Callum Morrison on bass and Dylan Geileson guitar, Burke and Barnett sculpted a band capable of delivering rich, spirited music with depth and clarity.

Wasting no time, the newly formed four-piece emerged with Glass, the first single to truly show off their group dynamic – earning them solid reviews, national airplay and coveted support slots in their hometown. And while Glass made it apparent how much Foreign Architects could achieve, Talk To A Scientist is the fulfilment of this promise. Melding gorgeous riffs that ebb and flow into a monster chorus, Talk To A Scientist is the kind of song that radio was made for.

Spurred on by their ability to create songs collectively from the ground up, Foreign Architects have hit a stride of pure inspiration. Having already tasted international touring and festival performance, the band are ambitious and driven for more… and as they work their way towards a debut full-length release, songs like Talk To A Scientist prove beyond doubt that Foreign Architects have a blindingly bright future ahead of them.

Talk To A Scientist is out now via all good digital retailers
iTunes/Apple Music | Spotify | Google Play


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