27 Listicle Series: Aeora



As part of the 27 Listicles series we’re asking our fave musicians to tell us about their fave musicians. This week Aeora shares her ultimate listicle of essential music.

Aeora has been building a reputation in the realm of experimental electronic pop through previous releases ‘Boss-y’ and ‘Fenceline’. In her latest single ‘Need You’, Aeora further strengthens her powerful howling vocals and continues to explore dark and moody production.

BANKS – I don’t think I’ve ever felt so connected to another artists work than I do with BANKS music. I first saw her when I was traveling the U.S.A and she was just so good.

Björk – One of the most widely known innovative artists out there. She’s incredibly inspiring.

Sohn – Sohn is a very good producer and on top of that, his own music is honest and his two albums are both amazing.

Fiona Apple – I’ve listened to Fiona Apple on and off throughout my life. Mostly when I need those OG feels. It’s refreshing to hear that quirky, honest song writing with pop vocal melodies.

Lorde – I tossed between Beyoncé and Lorde but chose Lorde because of just how I’ve been connecting to her music a bit more lately. She just writes perfectly of things I feel at my age and sums up a lot of those emotions really well.

Do your dusty ears a favor a and check out ‘ Need You’ available through all digital retailers now.


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