kai x

Kai X, a 20 year old rapper/songwriter from Brisbane, QLD looking to bring new sounds to Australian Hip Hop/Rap. Kai X is a diverse artist, regularly switching up his flows and topics of interest within songs, anywhere from girls, alcohol and drugs to spirits, astral planes and magic or even combining the two, many of his lyrics come from personal experiences and philosophies. 

Midnight, the latest track from Kai X represents the every day work that is put into music as a collective. The song is about the grind of making music, and putting 100% of their effort into making it work, all day, and all night. The track was written and recorded in Kai’s home studio of Redland Bay and produced by LXXXI.

Kai X has been writing/recording for just over a year, ever since being inspired by artists such as Joey Badass and The Underachievers for their unique lyrics and views on the world/rap game. Recently Kai has been influenced by the trap movement and new styles creating a wave in the rap game, which has lead him to experiment with new flows and sounds, thus creating songs such as Midnight which is being recognised on a larger scale then they had anticipated. 

Alongside his producer LXXXI, who produces most of Kai’s beats, their goal is to create a new wave of sound in the Hip Hop/Rap game, while keeping their individuality as well as keeping listeners mesmerized by the diversity within our music, looking for fans who can relate and appreciate the music overall. 


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