News: Newton Faulkner Unveils lead single and title track of brand new album Hit The Ground Running for Australian release + Announces 2018 Bluesfest Sideshow Tour Dates

newton faulkner
Newton Faulkner’s sixth studio album Hit The Ground Running is set for release in Australia on 2 Feb. The news arrives as Newton announces a string of Australian tour dates presented by Bluefest Touring to coincide with his performances at Bluesfest in Byron Bay this April.

Featuring his synonymous percussive guitar playing, first single and title track ‘Hit The Ground Running’ is minimalistic in approach, but a true melodic force, showcasing a skyscraping falsetto that is up there with the very best. Lyrically uplifting, the track drives home a positive message of triumph over adversity and beating the odds to succeed.

Of the track, Newton says; “In the past I have mainly focused on pushing my guitar playing, on this album and particularly the first single, I decided to focus on my voice. On the last few albums, there were quite a few co-writes but on this one my brother forced me to write mostly on my own and this song is one of the ones that came out of that. It’s about messing things up but keeping moving forwards. I happen to have a reasonable amount of experience in both.”

Hit The Ground Running marks the British singer-songwriter’s sixth studio album, coming just over ten years since releasing his double platinum debut album Hand Built By Robots. Featuring the exuberance of album opener ‘Smoked Ice Cream’ and ‘This Kind Of Love’ to the mellow tones of ‘All She Needs’ and ‘Finger Tips’, Hit The Ground Running is a bonafide package of musical variety, something that has become expected from Faulkner. ‘Been Here Before’ serves up another fine example of his percussive acoustic pop, whilst ‘Never Alone’ proves that his ear for mammoth melodies has strengthened yet again.

Of the album, Newton says; “I started working this album with two main principles in mind. One, I wanted it to be at its best performed solo live and two, I wanted to push my voice further than before. With the songwriting, I just wanted to do what I do naturally and not try and be clever and try and predict or follow any trends. The same went for the production, and from that, I feel like I’ve finally found my recorded sound.”

When he emerged in 2007, Newton Faulkner was the fleet-fingered prince of sparkling guitar pop. A graduate of the Guildford Academy of Contemporary Music, the songwriter from Surrey had a million-selling, Number One hit with his debut album Hand Built By Robots. Singles ‘Dream Catch Me’ and ‘I Need Something’ still soundtrack festivals all over the world, along with his innovative cover of Massive Attack’s ‘Teardrop’. This is a man who knows how to entertain and to enthral.

The last two years since releasing his previous LP Human Love have seen Newton join the London cast of the award-winning musical American Idiot, based on the music of punk rock group Green Day, as well as penning music for films.

newton tour poster


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