glass tides

Glass Tides, a four piece rock outfit from Adelaide, have been gaining traction fast, since their formation in late 2017 and the release of their first EP Thoughts. Their first single Forever was released via YouTube channel Dreambound, which has gained over 70,000 views already.

Forever is an emotional yet powerful rock ballad that hits home for a lot of people dealing with the loss of a loved one. With the raw emotion in the lyrics and vocals, and the powerful drums and guitars, Forever marks just who Glass Tides are.

Forever has attracted positive reviews from Triple J Unearthed, getting regular rotation, as well as being played on Triple J show Home and Hosed.

“The fire and ice in this track is nicely balanced. You’ll have your arms splayed out and ready to soar with it.” Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J

Thoughts, was written, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by singer and guitarist of  Glass Tides, Paul Bakker, in his home studio/bedroom. Reflecting on the past year of Paul’s life, going from the struggles of relationships to losing loved ones and everything in-between. Giving the lyrics and stories of the songs a very real and very personal feel.

Planning to hit the stage March 2018, Glass Tides are working hard to perfect their sound and give their fans the best possible live show.


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