27 Listicle Series: LA. Faithful

LA. Faithfull

Colourful and unique, LA. Faithfull has today announced her new single Heart Back, a gut-wrenching pop smash with a clear, vulnerable message, available now. This exciting newcomer has also released a raw, expressive video that conveys the truth behind the song through dance and visuals, and this effective clip has already racked up over 50,000 plays since its release.

We caught up with LA. Faithful to find out her ultimate listicle of fave music.

Ruel & Mphazes – Golden Years, it’s all about THAT VOICE! When I first heard Ruel I was driving along and he was doing Like A Version – I literally started bawling my eyes out! A voice that touches your soul, I hadn’t heard anything like it in a long long time. And obviously the beat on Golden Years is perfect from M-Phases.

Ruel is way beyond his years. I feel like I’m listening to someone who has lived many previous lives and that’s all coming across in his vocal delivery! Crazy! This song makes me feel…I’m not even sure what I feel. Sad and I feel good all at once, just amazing!!!

 Amy Shark – Drive You Mad, it’s just a fabulous track! Lyrical content is so on point!! And the chorus “I’m enough to drive you mad” It’s just such a good way to describe love! She is just one of my favourite Aussie artists! Legend – a true musician and such an inspiration!

Peking Duck feat. Icona Pop – Let You Down. It’s really catchy and the lyrical content is so on point – “I only fuck this up and let you down.” It’s just a perfect way to describe that emotion. I feel like that’s the only way to word it and everyone just gets that feeling automatically. And the beat is amazing!

 Kita Alexander – Hotel. The vibe on this song is amazing! The whole thing is so beautifully understated and perfection in my opinion. It’s incredible and the vocals are amazingly chill and set an incredible mood! It’s awesome for Friday afternoon chill-out on my balcony!

Also anything by Dean Lewis!!! WHAT A SONGWRITER!! That’s all I need to say about THAT!!!


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