News: Tropical F*ck Storm Announce Debut Album, ‘A Laughing Death In Meatspace’ Release New 7” ‘You Let My Tyres Down

Tropical F*ck Storm 
Announce Debut Album, ‘A Laughing Death In Meatspace’
Release New 7” ‘You Let My Tyres Down’
‘You Let My Tyres Down’ In store via February 2
‘A Laughing Death In Meatspace’
In store May 4
via TFS Records & Mistletone Records via Inertia

Pre-order limited edition vinyl here:

A glorious collision of chaos and euphoric rock.” Doubtful Sounds

Tropical Fuck Storm is a bombastic amalgamation of Melbourne music grandeur.” Beat Magazine

Leading up to the May 4 release of the band’s debut album A Laughing Death In Meatspace’on Mistletone / TFS Records, TFS (Tropical F Storm) will release the third single in their series of limited edition 7″s on February 2.

The new 7” once again features a Gareth Liddiard original on the A-side (the searing “You Let My Tyres Down”) and a cover of a song the band wishes they had written on the B-side (an impassioned reading of “Back To The Wall” by The Divinyls, sung by Fiona Kitschin and Erica Dunn).

“You Let My Tyres Down” is a mutant swamp-pop blazer, surveying Melbourne’s suburban underbelly with a free flow of hair-raising imagery (“I grew up around her family / And they were such a bunch of losers / Anchored only to each other / On a sea of vodka cruisers”).
As Gareth Liddiard explains, “You Let My Tyres Down is basically about the real word; ordinary life, and how drab and featureless it seems until you write it down, and then you see it’s pretty wild. They say that good books make shit movies and shit books make good movies. So if you’re depressed and you feel like your life resembles a shit book, congratulations.

Once again created by  the incredibly talented Chris Matthews of Defero Productions (also the genius behind the Drones clips for Taman Shud, To Think That I Once Loved You and the TFS clip for Chameleon Paint).

The B-side is a spine-tingling take on an underrated Divinyls classic, “Back To The Wall”. The vocal delivery of Fiona Kitschin and Erica Dunn, at once fierce and vulnerable, lends a prescient edge to Chrissy Amphlett’s lyrics: “We are living in desperate times / These are desperate times, my dear”.

The female lead vocals reveal a new dimension to TFS, and resonate with the primal feminine power of Chrissy Amphlett’s original. “It’s a really timely song”, Fiona Kitschin comments, “written and sung by a woman, so it made sense to be performed by the women in the band.”

Tropical Fu*k Storm is Gareth Liddiard, Fiona Kitschin, Lauren Hammel and Erica Dunn.

Upcoming Tropical F*ck Storm Tour Dates:

Friday February 23                    Perth Festival                                                   Perth                WA
Tickets from

March 10 – 12                           Golden Plains Festival                                       Meredith         VIC

Saturday March 17                   Pool House Party                                              Coburg             VIC
Tickets from


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