27 Listicle Series: FIGHT THE SUN


K11A wall of sound is the best way to describe the trio’s debut EP. Coming at you full speed with unwavering  distortion, powerhouse vocals, gnarly riffs and flat out dirty aggressive rock ‘n’ roll.  Recorded at Melbourne’s Iconic Homesurgery Recordings under the infallible guidance of  Jon Grace, Samuel K and Shihad’s own Tom Larkin.

We caught up with the band to ask them their ultimate listicle of their Top Five bands and here is what they had to say.


Planet of the 8’s
Rone saw them live at Cherry Bar and they blew him away. Solid riffs and really, heavy grooves, reminiscent of Black Sabbath and Queens of the Stone-age. Key tracks The Alchemist and Nowhere is Right For Now off their debut album.

The Living End
We really couldn’t have a list of top hometown bands without these guys. As Rone recalls ‘remember rehearsing next to them when they were recording demos and they were so friggen tight as a band it really inspired me to push myself musically.’ iconic Aussie band through and through. How can you not love them.

As A Rival
Great band a kind of fusion between Refused, QOTSA, Bodyjar and Colour and the Shape era Foo Fighters. They have a shared experience with us in working with Tom Larkin on their soon to be released 2 nd album. And Pete their singer/guitarist designed our EP cover. Just immensely talented, awesome songs and killer live.

Sinking Teeth
First saw them supporting Shihad a couple of years ago. Great 3 piece post punk, tough riffs, killer songs in the vein of Refused, Les Savy Fav etc. First album is cool AF. Salt and Stitches, Good Grief, Pavement plus many more, all top shelf. Looking forward to album number 2 from them. Should be epic.

A Gazillion Angry Mexicans
Amusing name but their bulldozer sized riffs and bruising grooves are nothing to snigger at. Only have managed
to catch them live once at Whole Lotta Love, a tiny venue in Melbourne’s inner north. Surprised the place is stillthere after the all out assault these dudes committed on it. Have to see them again no excuses. Tag along folks if you want. We’ll buy you a beer or two, we promise.

Make sure to catch them at a local venue near you soon.



Friday February 23rd Valve Bar Sydney

w/The Great Awake, Whispering Jackies, Vetty Vials and the Sandpit Turtles and Operation Ibis

Tickets: http://www.moshtix.com.au/v2/event/fight-the-sun/101627

Saturday February 24th Old Bar Melbourne

w/As A Rival

$10 at the door

Friday March 9th Rics Bar Brisbane


*Free Entry*

Do your ear holes a favour and listen here:


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